Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire is an extremely talented artist who specialises in producing a variety of interesting and exciting pictures depicting the built environment. He is known for the high level of detail in his work, a product of his eidetic memory, which enables him to perfectly recall the appearance of cityscapes and buildings after only seeing them once. Stephen Wiltshire has created numerous highly esteemed works and has toured widely, exhibiting his art and taking on new challenges. Some of his most famous pictures include “Flatiron Building, New York” which shows the iconic American landmark and “Big Ben on a Rainy Evening”.

Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire is an extremely talented artist who specialises in producing exciting pictures depicting the built environment.

Other Famous People Who Possess an Eidetic Memory

Stephen Wiltshire is one of several people who have achieved considerable success and acclaim due to their eidetic memory. An eidetic memory allows highly detailed and accurate recall of sounds or images, although some people have stronger recall for visual imagery, others for auditory imagery. Nikola Tesla, the well-known 19th Century inventor was reputed to have an eidetic memory, enabling him to recall the contents of entire books, having only read them once. Kim Peek was another person famous for his eidetic memory, able to recall the contents of thousands of books having after only a single perusal. Swami Vivekananda also had a photographic memory.

The Problems Which Often Accompany an Eidetic Memory

Unfortunately, an eidetic memory is often accompanied by neurodevelopmental difficulties; Stephen Wiltshire is diagnosed with autism, Kim Peek was diagnosed with a number of developmental disabilities and Nikola Tesla is thought to have suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The mechanism by which Stephen Wiltshire and others acquire an eidetic memory is not entirely clear, but it is thought that the brain develops differently to other people, resulting in this talent, sometimes referred to as a savant talent, often also bringing considerable disabilities.

The Benefits of an Eidetic Memory

Despite the difficulties many people with an eidetic memory face due to their other difficulties, it can bring advantages. Stephen Wiltshire has made a good living from selling his paintings, as well as attracting international acclaim due to their brilliance. Nikola Tesla ran a successful electronics firm and made several amazing advances in the electrical field, whilst Kim Peek achieved wide recognition for his amazing recall.